Branch Scholarships

The Jesse Daniel Ames Scholarship is Presented Annually

by AAUW Georgetown Branch

AAUW’s Jesse Daniel Ames Scholarship is presented to a female senior from Georgetown High School, Eastview High School and Richarte High School.  Funds for the scholarship are raised by members of the Georgetown Branch of AAUW.

The scholarship is named in honor of Jesse Daniel Ames who was one of ten charter members and the first President of the Georgetown Branch of AAUW.  The Georgetown Branch was founded in 1923.  The organization provides networking, advocacy and action that contribute to a more promising future for women and girls.

Jessie Daniel Ames was born in Anderson County, Texas on November 2, 1883.  She received her B.A. degree in 1902 from Southwestern University in Georgetown.  Mrs. Ames was Vice-President of the Georgetown Telephone Company, Treasurer of the Texas Equal Suffrage Association, President of the Texas League of Women Voters, Executive Director of the Interracial Commission, Director of Women’s Work, and a member of the Commission on Interracial Cooperation for the South. She was also Director of the Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching and authored several publications on the subject of the prevention of lynching.

Jessie Daniel Ames devoted 30 years of her life to a rigorous and demanding crusade for equal rights for women and people of color.  It is important that Jessie Daniel Ames is remembered as one of the pioneers who helped to lay the groundwork for the civil rights and women’s rights movement in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Scholarship applications for 2019 are now open.